About Us

SESecrets.com is a division of Internet Promotions Unlimited, LLC which was founded by John Buchanan. John has been working in the SEO field professionally since 1998. As most in the SEO field, he began promoting his own sites and soon developed a passion for understanding how the search engines worked and applying that knowledge to his sites to increase their rankings.

It wasn't long before he began having people ask how he did what he did and if he could assist them with their online business presence. Well one thing led to another and before you knew it John had no more time to work with his own sites due to his workload promoting his client's sites.

Today, SEO Expert John Buchanan handles the search engine optimization services for websites across the US and around the world. His love of helping others and problem solving provide the perfect foundation and drive for SESecrets.com.

Regardless the size of your business or your target market, John and his team can help you and your online business achieve the high rankings you need.