SEO Consulting

Do you have questions about your sites optimization and promotion?

Are you at a loss as to what to do next to increase your web sites search engine exposure?

Do you wish you could have an expert go through your site from an SEO perspective with you and show you the areas that need improvement?

If any or all of the above apply to you, then John can certainly help you. John enjoys passing on his knowledge to others.

Consulting is generally done on an hourly basis via an online meeting service such as so that you and any members of your team can watch first hand as John goes through your site with you. This is an interactive consultation so you can ask questions at any point during the consultation. At the end of the consultation, if desired, a recording of the entire consultation, including both screen and audio recordings is available.

During the interactive consultation, John will go through your site with you. He will begin by looking for some of the more common mistakes that over 90% of sites make that have a detrimental affect on their search engine rankings. During the consultation, John will generally take a "top down" approach beginning with the more general areas that tend to have a sitewide affect and  moving to a progressively more and more detailed analysis of your site. Throughout the entire consultation, John will explain to you what he is seeing, what affect it can have and "why".

Through this style, you not only are shown what needs to be changed on your site, but you also will get an invaluable "hands-on" lesson in SEO as it applies to your site and situation. 


Hour normal hourly rate for consultations is $300/hr.

For more information or to schedule a consultation contact us at (800) 516-5907.