Local SEO
Local Searches - Local Customers - Targeted Traffic

For a locally targeted business (a business that operates and generates it's customers from a specific area) local SEO campaigns can be astonishly effective and extremely economical.

All of the "Big 3" search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) have begun incorporating maps and local business listings for many obviously local searches. For example, visit any of the big 3 search engines and run a search for "pizza + cityname" or "pizza + zipcode" and you'll notice the results include a map with corresponding local listings of business for that topic and area

Coming up at the top of these searches is a different beast entirely than coming up at the top of the organic results. There are different factors involved and algorithms used to decide what businesses attain the covetted top spots

Our local seo experts will create an optimized listing for your business and submit it to each of the big three search engines. We will then take it a step further and promote those listings by submitting your listing to numerous other 2nd and 3rd tier local directories and sites. This additional promotion and additional listings create "citations". The more optimized citations you have, the better your local listing will rank

p>In addition to an optimized local listing, your site will also benefit from numerous new inbound links created during the local seo campaign so your site benefits twice!

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