PPC Management
Pay-Per-Click Campaign Creation & Management

Today's search engines return two types of results. The free or "organic" results that is targeted in an SEO campaign and what are called Pay-Per-Click or "PPC" results. Pay-Per-Click results are simply another form of advertising. With PPC ads, you pay on a "per click" basis. Each time your ad is clicked on, you pay a particular amount. The amount you pay is based on a number of factors including your maximum bid price, your ad quality, page quality, the click-thru rate of your ads, as well as numerous other factors.

Below is a screenshot that shows a results page as returned by Google showing the PPC results

ppc campaign

PPC has some advantages over traditional SEO as well as some pitfalls. Two of the biggest advantages to a PPC campaign are speed and targeting. A PPC campaign can be set up, at least at a basic level, extremely quickly and turned on for almost instant traffic. In addition, it is extremely easy to target a wide array of relevant phrases that would be much harder to target in a traditional campaign. For this reason, it is extremely common for companies to run both a traditional SEO campaign and a PPC campaign concurrently, thereby increasing their exposure across a wide range of relevant phrases.

PPC campaigns also have some downsides as well. One of the biggest issues with PPC campaigns is cost. A PPC campaign can become extremely costly...especially if not setup and managed properly. Especially with Google, the way your campaign is setup has a very large impact on how much you must pay per-click. A poorly setup campaign can have dramatically higher per-click pricing than a well setup campaign for the exact same ad and ad positioning. Another downside to PPC campaigns is the ongoing costs involved. If you want the traffic to continue, you must continue your PPC campaign. For these reasons, hiring a competent PPC management firm is crucial to both short-term and long-term success of your PPC campaign.

We have been working with PPC since it was originally launched by goto.com many years ago. We have watched the landscape change quite a bit since those days and have the experience and knowledge to insure that your campaign is setup properly from the beginning and managed properly to insure the best possible ROI for your company.

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