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What does the search landscape say about your company? Is it positive? Negative? Do you know? More and more potential customers are conducting searches on businesses prior to doing business with them. If the information they find when running a search on your business reflects negatively or unfavorably on your business, you've most likely just lost a customer

This is where reputation management comes in. We are experts in search engine optimization and have been in the field for over a decade. Reputation management is an off-shoot of SEO. Traditional SEO deals with optimizing and promoting your site in an effort to attain top ranking and traffic for your target keywords. In a reputation management campaign we are working to make sure that users find the information you want them to find when researching your company

More and more it is quite common for an unhappy ex-employee or unhappy cusatomer to take their complaints online...posting on online complaint sites. Quite often, these complaints are unfounded, but a potential customer won't know that. In a reputation management campaign, we create content that is factually accurate but also positive. This content is then posted at various places around the internet and promoted by our SEO experts.

The goal of a reputation management campaign is simple. We can't remove the negative content so we work to have the content we (you) control show up at the top of the results when a potential customer researches your company and to push down any negative reviews and/or complaints.

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Please note that we will not run reputation management campaigns for an obviously unethical company. Our services is provided for ethical companies that have some unfortunate negative results show up.