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Webite's Developed from the Ground Up with SEO in Mind

To put it bluntly, most web designers don't know squat about SEO. It's ok. That's not their job. Most designers are artists. They design beautiful sites that are pleasing to the eye. The problem is, a beautiful site that never receives any traffic won't help your business.

Our top tier designers work hand-in-hand with our SEO experts to design you a site from the ground-up with SEO in mind. The final product is a beautiful site that is also well optimized and free from any issues that could keep your site from being indexed and ranked properly by the search engines.

What would you rather do...pay a designer to design your site and then turn around and pay us to fix it, or have it all done correctly from the start?

Let's look at two of the biggest issues:


I love Flash. I think it can be used to make a site "pop". The problem is that Flash is not handled well by the search engines. Too many designers build sites almost completely in Flash. This is a virtual death sentence when it comes to SEO. The search engines just don't index Flash properly.


Many designers will overuse javascript when designing an interactive site. Again, javascript has it's place, but when a site can't function properly with javascript turned off, you've got some serious problems and you will lose customers

Below is a list of some additional issues we run into on a consistant basis when optimizing a site

  • Poor Internal Linking Structure
  • Graphics for links instead of text
  • No or Unhelpful Alt Text
  • Improper Hierarchal Structure
  • Overuse of old table-based layout
  • Poor Text-to-Code Ratio
  • Missing, Improper Semantic Elements
  • ...etc.

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